A Return to Eden: A Hopeful Look at End Times with Leo De Siqueria

end times podcast

Are the end days going to be scary? The mainstream church would say yes... yet author Leo De Siqueria has a different perspective.

Join Jenny on podcast episode 120, as she chats with Leo about "Hopeful Eschatology".

They discuss:

  • Common misconceptions and misinterpretations of the "end days".
  • Understanding history through the works of Jewish Historian Josephus.
  • The cusp of ages and overlapping of covenants.
  • The epoch seasons/ages that God works within.
  • Has Satan been released per Revelation 20:7?
  • What's to come?

You can find Leo and his books at โ https://www.hopefuleschatology.com/โ  and on social media platforms @hopefuleschatology.

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