The Sons of God + The Divine Council Worldview with Dr. Joel Muddamalle

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Today's podcast is one you can't miss! In this episode, Dr. Joel Muddamalle joins us as we explore the Divine Council Worldview. This goes along PERFECTLY with our current book study in The Rooted Truth Collective — on Supernatural by Dr. Michael Heiser. Learn more here.

On the podcast, Joel dives into the divine council worldview, explaining its significance and how it brings coherence to the scriptures. He starts with the concept of the cosmic mountain in Eden and the presence of God's cosmic family. He discusses the rebellion of the sons of God in Genesis 6 and the resulting Nephilim. 

Joel then explores the Tower of Babel and the division of nations, highlighting the role of the divine council in stewarding the nations. He concludes by emphasizing the importance of understanding the supernatural elements of scripture and their impact on our faith. 

In this conversation, Dr. Joel Muddamalle and Jenny discuss the divine council worldview and its implications for understanding the supernatural realm. They explore the concept of the divine council, which consists of God and other supernatural beings, and how these beings interact with humanity. They also delve into the role of Jesus in reclaiming the nations and bringing unity and peace. Understanding the divine council worldview helps believers have a deeper understanding of their identity, recognize the tactics of the enemy, and live out their commission in Christ. Joel's book, 'The Hidden Peace,' further explores these concepts. 

Joel Muddamalle holds a Phd in theology and serves as the director of theology and research at Proverbs 31 Ministries. He is a co host of the Therapy & Theology podcast with Lysa TerKeurst and licensed counselor Jim Cress.Joel serves on the preaching team at Transformation Church in Indian Land, SC and is a frequent speaker for conferences and events. He just released his first book, “The Hidden Peace: Finding True Security, Strength, and Confidence Through Humility. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Joel and his wife enjoy a full house with their four children and two dogs. If he doesn’t have a theology book in hand, you can be sure he’s coaching one of his kids in a sport, or doing his best to keep up his hoops game on the basketball court. 

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