The True History of the Rapture + Dispensational Eschatology with JSlayUSA

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On today's show we welcome Jeremy Slayden from JSlayUSA. Jeremy takes us on a journey through the history of the dispensational premillennial rapture eschatology. Get ready to dig in as he answers the questions:

  • What is dispensational premillennial eschatology?
  • When did it originate?
  • Did it originate with John Nelson Darby or were there others before him?
  • How does the rapture theology play a role in Zionism?
  • How did C.I. Scofield play a role in spread this theology?

This is an episode you don't want to miss!

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Jeremy Slayden is the founder of the JSlayUSA platform where he explores truth, exposes deception and inspires courage through bold interviews, documentaries, and bible studies.

He also is the founder and head coach of Warrior Mind body and Soul: a program for christian men to get their mojo back through physical fitness and community. 

Follow his work at handle JSlayUSA on โ Rumbleโ , โ Instagramโ , and โ Substackโ 

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