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A Full Commentary on the Book of Revelation

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Curious about the book of Revelation...

The revealing of Jesus Christ. The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, the King of kings and Lord of lords and the Name above every name.

Join us as we dig into the most highly debated and symbolic book of the Bible. There’s a reason the enemy doesn’t want us to read it let alone understand it. Maybe you’ve been terrified to read Revelation, or maybe you’ve read it and have no clue what it’s talking about or can’t make sense of the symbolism or prophecies. What’s literal? What’s not? What’s happened and what hasn’t? In this commentary, we take a deep dive into every single chapter and see how Old Testament language and symbolism is used. We compare this to the historical context of the first century as well as look at the victory that all believers have in Jesus Christ.

In this commentary/course, we’ll answer all the in-depth questions of Revelation along with looking at all the different "end time" views and what they believe about the book.

Filled with research, world history, and more time, energy, and prayer than we ever imagined, we pray the study/commentary blesses you and encourages you in your faith!

There are a few different ways to purchase:

  • Snag the digital commentary, which includes the audio recordings of each live session we held between Jan - April 2024.
  • Snag the printed perfect bound Revelation Commentary Book which will be mailed to you.
  • Or snag BOTH the printed commentary along with access to the digital course (including the 12 audio sessions and digital pdf).

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multiple ways to purchase...

note—this digital course is included in The Rooted Truth Collective 2024. Learn more here.

Digital Revelation Course

What you'll receive:

  • Full 270+ page digital commentary that covers the entire book of Revelation

  • The audio recordings of our live study which was done Jan-April 2024 

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Printed Revelation Paperback (PRESALE)

What you'll receive:

  • Full 270+ page printed commentary that covers the entire book of Revelation

  • Printed Perfect Bound 8.25" x 11" Book
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Bundle: Paperback with Digital Course

What you'll receive:

  • Full 270+ page digital commentary 

  • The 12 audio recordings in the course

  • PRESALE Full Printed Perfect Bound 8.25" x 11" Commentary
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Don't forget... this digital course is included in The Rooted Truth Collective 2024. Learn more here.


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Dive into the book of Revelation with our 270+ page commentary. We break down each verse of Revelation. 


Get access to all the audio recordings of the live Bible study we held in 2024 via your private account (which you can also access on our APP). Each call is anywhere between 55 to 100 minutes long.


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don't forget to add-on the 8.25" x 11" perfect bound paperback commentary!
I'm ready to dig into the book of revelation! 
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This study is so unbelievably eye opening!


Thank you to you lovely ladies for putting this study together! My whole family is doing this study together. My 8 + 10 year old is loving it as well and we are using this as our homeschool Bible! Love teaching them actual Biblical truth that we can all understand and put visuals together.


My husband and I keep talking about how much of history we really don't know! It has given us a desire to dig deeper and learn more. We plan on doing the Daniel study together then come back for a round 2 on Revelation! A lot of information to digest but we definitely want it to stick.
There really is true freedom in the truth!


I just finished the Revelation study. Wow! It brought tears to my eyes. I was sitting out on the back patio and it was like He was right there. Thank you so much for your discernment of the word!


Food for thought! The Revelation Study by Rooted Truth will definitely
get you to thinking! It will encourage you to re-examine all that you
thought you knew about where we are in the Biblical timeline. Jenny and
Lori pull together loads of resources to share in our journey of seeking
Biblical truth. Truly a deep dive Bible study!


Until recently I always believed, and never questioned, the “left behind” idea of “end times”. But as I’ve grown in my faith and realized all things are not as they seem, I started searching for truth in all aspects of my life, and that included the church. So I took a leap of faith and enrolled in the Revelation Study with Jenny and Lori. I have such a different view now. This completely changed my mind by showing how so much of Revelation has already happened. They use historical evidence, which I’ve never even known existed to prove some of their points. After their study I have no fear of the future. Thank you ladies for all the work you’ve done to present God’s words in a way I now believe they were always meant to be shared. Not to be fearful of what’s to come, but to be anxiously awaiting literal Heaven on earth. 


Jenny and Lori did such an incredible job with this Revelation study! From explaining the different eschatological views, taking the historical events into context, and letting scripture interpret scripture, I now have a rock-solid understanding of the Book of Revelation and what it means for us as believers. I so appreciate the level of detail they put into each of their studies and am so thankful to have these resources as I grow in my relationship with God.


This course was originally done during live video sessions from January to April 2024.

Due to popular demand we have released it as a  course which includes the full digital study as well as the audio recordings from the live sessions. To learn more about the authors head here.

Due to the digital nature of this study, there are no refunds. Once purchased, you will receive an email from [email protected] on how to access the content. Please note that you will create an account during checkout.